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***For those wanting a direct link to our VARA FM data, click on "Repeater, NET and Communications Protocols" button on the left and then scroll down to VARA FM Winlink. This gets updated fairly frequently, so check back periodically.


*** As of May 1, 2022 the Valley Center Amateur Radio Club changed the PL tone of its 2M repeater to 118.8 Hz. Please make the appropriate changes to your radios. This will be for BOTH transmit and receive. Click HERE for a link to a step-by-step procedure to change this on the Anytone radios without having to change your CodePlug and reload it. It's done directly on the radio itself. ***

The Valley Center Amateur Radio Club is now sponsoring fully remote, online Amateur radio licensure exams for all levels (Technician, General, Amateur Extra). E-mail: for further information and registration for an exam.

Valley Center Amateur Radio Club has installed a DMR repeater on Palomar Mountain. It's located at the same location as our 2M repeater and covers most of the Western and Southern areas of Valley Center and environs. For anyone who does not have a DMR ID and want to use our repeater for DMR, get your ID at Follow their instructions for obtaining an ID. To learn more about our repeaters and communications modes click on "Repeater, NET and Communications Protocols" button to the left.

Valley Center Amateur Radio Club has constructed a mobile communication trailer. Our communications modes include, among others, VHF, UHF, HF, Winlink, VARA, APRS for search and rescue, a 2M repeater, and DMR. Others are being added such as VLIS. Progress pictures and information regarding the construction will be posted from time to time. The advanced communications trailer will become North County's Emergency Mobile Communications (EMC) center.

Valley Center Amateur Radio Club (VCARC) has two repeaters (2m and 70cm DMR) at a strategic location on Palomar Mountain. The location covers all of Valley Center and most of the remaining locations of San Diego County. The altitude is approximately 5800 feet.

Our communication modes for Valley Center and environs include, not just voice, but digital modes of Fusion, VARA FM WinLink, DMR, and APRS for emergency navigation. Others are to follow soon. Please see the Repeater, NET and Communications Protocols page for for additional information.

VCARC have a number of classes and training opportunities coming up. Please see the Calendar and Upcoming Events page for further information and participation sign-ups.


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